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  • SIEMAS offers Instrumentation & Control Engineering services for Steel Plants in India and abroad.
  • SIEMAS experience includes Cold Rolling Mills, Annealing and Pickling lines, Acid regeneration plant and Slitting lines.
Cold Rolling Mills
SIEMAS has strong experience in Engineering and commissioning of Level1, Level2, Leve3 Automation and Drives for the 20Hi, 6Hi, 4 Hi Cold Rolling mills & Skin pass mill including Pay off Reel, Flattener, Tension Reel & Mill Motor control (Tension control, Speed control), AGC Thickness control, Flatness Control, LP and HP Hydraulic Pumps and Valve stands, Coil Tracking system, Production Management System.
Annealing and Pickling Lines
SIEMAS experience includes Basic and Detailed Engineering and Commissioning of Automation and Drives system for the Flattener, Annealing Furnace, Sand Blasting system, Acid Pickling lines, Entry and Exit Looper, Coiler and Recoiler, Steam Generation system.
Acid Regeneration Plant
SIEMAS has strong experience in Engineering, commissioning of Spray Roaster Hcl Acid Regeneration plant, Mixed Acid Regeneration Plant (Pyromass) including Roaster, Ventury Evaporator, Absorption column, Scrubber, Iron Oxide Bag filling unit.
Slitting Lines
SIEMAS has sound experience in providing Automation solutions to cut to length Slitting lines.
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