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Pulp & Paper
  • SIEMAS offers Instrumentation & Control Engineering and site services for Pulp and Paper plants in India and abroad.
  • Our experience includes Pulp preparation, Paper Machines, Finishing house, Chemical recovery Systems.
Pulp Preparation
Our experience includes Wood handling , Bagasse handling system, Digester, Waste paper deinking system, Washing, Chemical Bleaching, O2 , ClO2 plant, Stock preparation,
Paper Machine
SIEMAS experience includes Wire, Press & Dryer section, Size Press, QCS, Calender, Auto Guides, Loading System and Rewinders.
Finishing house
SIEMAS experience includes Paper cutter, Reel Packing and Conveying system, Reem Packing systems.
Chemical recovery systems
SIEMAS experience includes Lime kiln, Caustizer Plant, Evaporator, Chemical Recovery Boiler.
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