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  • SIEMAS offers Instrumentation & Control Engineering and site services for the Captive/Cogeneration Power plants in India and abroad from inception to successful completion.
  • Our services includes Coal fired, Oil/Gas fired, Bagasse fired and waste heat recovery plants in industries such as Sugar, Distilleries, Paper, Chemical, Cement, Steel, Oil & Gas.
Coal Fired Captive Power Plantst
SIEMAS has experience in Coal Handling systems, Coal Mill, Feed water System, Boiler, Turbo Machinery control, Ash Handling systems & Load Management system.
Oil/Gas Fired Power Plants
SIEMAS has experience in Oil Storage and Feed system, Oil Heating System, Diesel Generator, Turbo Machinery control & Load Management system.
Cogeneration Bagasse fired Power Plants.
SIEMAS has experience in Bagasse handling, Boiler house, Feed water System, Turbo Machinery control & Load Management system.
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