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Oil & Gas
  • SIEMAS team has strong domestic and international experience in major Oil & Gas projects starting from FEED, Basic and Detail Engineering, FAT, Erection, SAT, Commissioning and startup services with
  • SIEMAS experience includes SIL Study, HAZOP Study, P&ID review, Cause and Effect Review, DCS, Instrumentation, Safety system (ESD, FGS and HIPPS), HVAC Packages, Third party integration in offshore field development, Onshore Facilities.
Offshore field development
Well Head control system, Manifold, LP, MP, HP Separator, Flash Gas compressor, Raw Gas injection, Dehydration Columns, Booster and Export oil pumps, Gas cooling system, Glycol Flow Control system, Chemical injection system, Riser, Flare ignition system, Gas Turbine Generator, Emergency Diesel Generator
Onshore Facilities
LNG Plant SIEMAS experience includes Pretreatment, Sulphur Recovery Unit, Gas Separation, Gas Treatment, Gas Compressing unit, bottling unit, LNG export.
Refinery SIEMAS experience includes Condensate fractionate unit, Distillation columns, Naptha Hydro Treater, Diesel Hydro Treater, Kerosene Hydro Treater, LPG Train. Amine Recovery unit, Sulphur Recovery Unit. Boilers, Turbine control systems, Flare ignition system. Jetty & Tank Farm control system.
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